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Эмм Грайнер Эмм ГрайнерКанадская певица, поэт-песенник

Parting Song

Should I not survive this, you should take this song with you
So you know I loved best and that you were my finest truth
There were none who ranked above you
Drew me open like the sky
Added sense to nonsense
Made it fun to be alive
If a new kiss was on your lips
If another pixie brought you bliss
Well I wouldn't think to veto it
Bursting from my seams
Bursting from my seams
Bursting from my seams
'Cause there was no other living thing
Who meant the sum of everything
The figure in the corner, to whom each night I'd sing
The haven in the hurricane
The only one who knew my name
The only one not so afraid to be in love with me
Always thought we'd make some time
Or a boy with your features and some of mine
And we'd sit around and laugh about how lucky we have been

Эмм Грайнер

Parting Song / Эмм Грайнер

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