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Эмм Грайнер Эмм ГрайнерКанадская певица, поэт-песенник

Last Day On Earth

Way up north where the river runs
I've gone to bury you
Erase the things that you've done, oh
Till now I've been the little one
Always so scared to move
Out of your eclipse of the sun

Ask me why I'm happy
Ask me why I'm happier
Ask me why I'm happy
I guess you haven't heard

It's the last day on earth
With you in my life
It's a good day, a good day
First day things work
It's all feelin' alright
It's a good day with you
Outta my life

Way up north where the river flows
I've gone along to let you go
I don't know if you know what you owe me
After the bombshell
Baby you let your killer show
Turned on my audio
I didn't have a friend in this he'll
And you said, 'oh well'

When you come around
Wanting a piece of it
I'll be up north
It'll never be yours
I'll be drinkin' I'll be laughin'
With my Stonetown friends
About every way you thought I was dead.

Эмм Грайнер

Last Day On Earth / Эмм Грайнер

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