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Эмм Грайнер Эмм ГрайнерКанадская певица, поэт-песенник

Ciao Monday

Is it the future is it the past
Open my eyes I just have to ask
Underpaid, I don't know the date
And the clock gives me that empty gaze

I came alive in 1985
Made a pretty good plan by the lakeside
But real life comes like the weekday sun
And you end up burned like everyone

Ciao Monday you break my heart
There's a mountain the minute you start
Open the door you can walk right through
Monday Monday I'm done with you

All my mistakes shine in the light
No clothes fit and no appetite
It's a wasteland just like T.S. wrote
Born with no money gonna go out broke
Cars rush in and cars rush back
Actors coming into work all cracked
I'm army grey, I'm p a rich man's prey
By the end of the day I just gotta say

Ciao Monday!

Эмм Грайнер

Ciao Monday / Эмм Грайнер

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