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They Don't Want It

Um huh ooo nananna they don't want it with us

[Yo Gotti:]
Record label who nigga I do my own thang cocaine 5 nigga I'm in my own lane
Running round with shooters young niggas they insane I&e the mob nigga I
Got my own gang bigga bigga rankin you betta tell these niggas work in the
U-haul respect down in Duval 100 clips 100 bricks before I ever knew yal
Walking through your hood like what up what it do dawg fake ass trappers
Phoney ass rappers nigga say anything to sell they lil albums choppers on
The tour bus feds trying to grab them phantom in the drive way still ain't
Dropped a album

Um huh ooo nananna they don't want it with us

[Zed Zilla:]
Yea they might puff dro and yea they might fuck hoes a yo all I know they
Want it with us I'm talking bout every where I go I got choppers in 4-4s
First sucker even looking like he want it I bust I'm mister zed I'm just
Southside coasting plenty syrup plenty dro now I'm in slow motion shooting
Hit your head stomach leg all in one motion for the he said she said
Causing that commotion when you take your shirt off when them crips
Thanking you locing when they get them bullets out you doctor c-section you
Open all my niggas straight killas like the illa we be smoking so if I
Nigga fucking with us in the river he be floating... zilla

Um huh ooo nananna they don't want it with us

Refiner heater cociana fever bruh gave me chance time to make the world
Believers grind like it's over time call us over achievers made my quotas
Off of oders that way I sold them cheaper cashville got a whole platoon
Full of goons see this pistol that's the preview the bullets they coming
Soon movie shit think lord of war or maybe blow I'm the college james
Jordon heatherway and the gun make it a felony 50 pound bail all hell I
Know the smell on me weighing up the lbs they paying up to 12 a piece keep
Having nightmares of niggas trying to tell on me

Йо Готти

They Don't Want It / Йо Готти

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