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Джим Моррисон Джим МоррисонАмериканский певец, поэт, автор песен, лидер и вокалист группы The Doors

Perceptual Notions

Jim Morrison - Singer
The Doors
LA, San Francisco all open down the coast
West coast
The west is the best
The doors unconcious
The gap is getting wider, day by day
The doors the band you love to hate
Strange days
Rebellion, chaos, disorder and activities that appears to have no meaning
a central theme or motive, a thread running through the songs, we dont have
but we deffinetily do have generate an atmosphere or mood which might be characterized as an awareness of the strange thats somethings wrong, somethings not quite right
jim morrison
the older getting older and the younger getting .. getting somewhere
the doors

Джим Моррисон

Perceptual Notions / Джим Моррисон

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