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Living against the life

Where has all the mercy gone? I can’t see the sun.
I’d like to cheer myself, but there’s nowhere to run.
This dram you can’t stand; no way to pretend
Cry a river baby, cause we’ll die at the end.

My conscience ruins my mind
Living against the life

I’ve done all my best, to make a confession,
Your voice just made me do it, all my memories are messed.
Now I am the one, despising the sun,
Displaying fake emotions and regretting what I’ve done.

Ask me where I’m going,
I’m sailing away
One day you'll sorrow

The rope around the neck, and I feel great when I see ignorance
In each of my foes, cry me a river, we’ll die at the end.

Every Man a King

Living against the life / Every Man a King

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