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One Hour From Forever

It begins with and endless darkness, awaiting that ray of light
Suspended in solitude, anxiously waiting for that breath of life or the kiss of death
No one knows the way the wind will blow
To be conceived is to die
To die is to live
As the womb opens, it springs forth life
Taking in all surroundings, big eyes curious and truly fragile
God take this life

Hold it in Your hand
We can never know the true meaning of our life
As a child we have dreams, though some never see another day
The ground breaks open and takes the dead
We all will see the day. We all will stand before the Lord

'It is about from the time the baby is in the womb.
Its life is fragile and from day one each day could be
Our last. Truly we are like the morning fog.'

Mortal Treason

One Hour From Forever / Mortal Treason

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