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Берл Айвз Берл АйвзАмериканский актёр и певец в стиле фолк

Santy Anna

Oh have you heard the latest news:
Chorus: Heave away, Santy Anna
The Yankees they took Vera Cruz.
Chorus: All on the plains of Mexico.

Oh, Santy Anna fought for fame.
He fought for fame and gained his name.

Oh, Santy Anna had a wooden leg:
He used it for a wooden peg.

Brave General Taylor gained the day
And Santy Anna run away.

Ah, then we smashed them up and down.
We captured all of that Mexican ground.

The ladies there I do adore:
I always want to be ashore.

You've loved me, dear, and you've taught me well
I'd rather be here than fryin' in Hell.

Берл Айвз

Santy Anna / Берл Айвз

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