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 Delirious? Delirious?Английская рок-группа

Quima De Araquivo

Thinking of Brasilia,
Rio de Janeiro is shining wonderfully
But this is a wrong reality
Millions live in neverland
From where the evil arrived
To come out of the plight
The dead-end kids stuff adhesive stuff

Burn the archives
Law and order
Burn the archives

World is blind
Can't see the proverty
A few are rich to rich
Swiming gold and cocaine
Others swim in the contaminated river

What went wrong in this world
Such a big land
Is there nobody
Who is equal to the occasion
What went wrong in this world
Such a big land
That's only a question
Of getting used to it

From day to day
Searching for the dead men
Everybody has the same identity
You can hear them in
The radio and in the pubs

Designed by violence

Nobody speaks
Nobody sees
Nobody knows


Quima De Araquivo / Delirious?

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