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 Delirious? Delirious?Английская рок-группа

Death Scout

While in insanity
Of war and misery
We were waiting
For the enemy
A voice consoled me:
Flee from this savage land
I'll cover you fear of defeat!

While and insanity
Of war and misery
While in insanity
Of war and misery

The light flew in my mind
I knew not when I died
And then I found myself
Beyond all space and time

All my songs and may dreams
They were there for me
What silence after the salvo of the cannons
When Death had sent his scouts
To search through the houses... DEATH SCOUT

While the bullet hit
Like raindrops amidt
The bleeding bodies
Of flesh and cloth
Still I keep thinking:
I surely will not die,
From coughing up this little blood!

But now I feel
I have very little time left
To write these my last thought away
To make them stay
To be read by someone someday
My bleeding has stopped
And I rember that...


Death Scout / Delirious?

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