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 Рашида РашидаАмериканский рэппер, модный дизайнер, телезвезда и предпринимательница.

Take 'em To The Bank

Oh we better have some fun with this one, Frost, okay?
This is just entertainment, people
Y'all ready for this?

Take 'em to the bank, take 'em, take 'em to the bank
Take 'em to the bank, take 'em, take 'em to the bank
You actin Hollywood like yo ass don't stank
Don't hesitate, take 'em, take 'em to the bank

Get in where you fit in, hit him where it hurts
Sometimes it's all about gettin what you deserve
That deadbeat baby daddy shit is for the birds
Givin years of your life and gettin nothin in return?
But stop, all my ladies, can you feel me?
Some we give the benefit, and some we drain empty
Why you think Kim keep havin little Diddy?
If she gotta cash a check she gon' get plenty
Got a question how to get it, better ask Shaq wife
She know how to stash, she know how to give advice
But don't cause too much drama
Or you gon' end up like 50 Cent baby mama

Okay, I gotta take my hat off to Russell
He put Kimora on a multi-million dollar hustle
Speakin of that hustle, the mama ain't trust her

I wonder what that girl Tameka gon' do with Usher (Yeah now)
I heard somebody 'bout to get T-Pain (Shortay)
Now is it me or do Janet got mo' than Jermaine? (Y'all know what this is)
Can't forget about Trina and Lil Wayne (Weezy baby)
She got him for some change and a 12 carat ring
Nelly tried to give Ashanti Brass Knuckles, she ain't want 'em
She rather walk away ownin half of Apple Bottoms (Dirrty)
6 years down, 7 'bout to come up
I wonder if Jay and B signed a pre-nup (It's your boy)

Check it out, just in case your situation different
You better watch out for how Bobby did Whitney
Or Kevin did Britney or J.Lo and Chris
I ain't down with that pay-a-man-alimony shit
Look at Bob J, the first black man with a billion
He had to give his ex-wife 400 million
I bet that's why Oprah ain't marry Stedman
She ain't 'bout to give up half of what she been gettin
It could be a secret like Mariah and Cannon
Hold your money tight cause he still a adolescent
They wasn't lyin when they said we got a secret weapon
That made me realize bein a woman is a blessin


Take 'em To The Bank / Рашида

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