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 Рашида РашидаАмериканский рэппер, модный дизайнер, телезвезда и предпринимательница.

Juicy Like A Peach

Juicy like a peach
Drip right off ya chin.

Juicy like a peach
Drip right off ya chin.
I, I, I'm, I'm so fly.
Yep, I'm so fly.

Juicy like a peach
Drip right off ya chin.
And I'm bubbalicious good, make ya boyfriend grin.
I, I, I'm, I'm so fly.
Juicy like a peach.
And I'm bubbalicious good, make ya boyfriend grin.(x2)

Yep, I'm that chick.
Countin' money like the clock on the wall go tick. Go tick
I neva been with a clique.
But who need em' when you gotta a georgia peach like dis.
I know I got that shit.
Do I dare mention baby beggin to hit. Fo sho.
Don't like em broke.
Dat I gotta admit.
Cause whateva I don't buy he gotta go get.
Aint nothing changed still switchin my wheels.
I rock a new handbag to match my outfit.
So juicy like a peach when it's hot it drips meltin in your mouth all over your finger tips


I get it juicy like a peach.
Now what you think about me juicin' up yo sheets.
I got the chocolate candy juice.
I kinda sweet.
I got yo favorite kinda flava.
Time to eat.
I like to see it when it's dripin down ya cheek, drippin on ya meat.
But don't mind me ima different kinda freak.
I like it real slow, loosing control.
Waist real good, booty real swole.
Don't you know my name?
Wanna hold hands.
Told me if I like it, he could bite the whole thing.
And I was like dang, made my mouth hang.


Name droppin don't excite me.
So if you gon step to me, do it precisely.
Yes baby the tag is quite pricy.
Taxin for the way I move that thing so nicely.
All my flavas is juicy.
Down to the last drop, good and fruity.
You wont catch me on the youtube movie.
Can't let just anybody play with the bootay.
Naw I can't do that
But if I let him get it, he gon come back.
I got this here on lock.
Trying to keep his cool but he want what I got.



Juicy Like A Peach / Рашида

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