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Пауль Калькбреннер Пауль КалькбреннерНемецкий диджей, продюсер электронной музыки и актер

Sky And Sand (Feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner) (Original Mix)

verse one

in the nighttime
when the world is at it's rest
you will find me
in the place I know the best
dansin', shoutin'
flyin' to the moon
(you) don't have to worry
'cause I'll be come back soon


and we build up castles
in the sky and in the sand
design our own world
ain't nobody understand
I found myself alive
in the palm of your hand
as long as we are flyin'
All this world ain't got no end

verse two

in the daytime
you will find me by your side
tryin' to do my best
and tryin' to make things right
when it all turns wrong
there's no fault but mine
but it won't hit hard
'cause you let me shine

chorus (2x)

Пауль Калькбреннер

Sky And Sand (Feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner) (Original Mix) / Пауль Калькбреннер

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