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La Barque

La Barque
(Le Libertin Soundtrack - 2000)
Watching you leave
Your words no comfort to me
Love was mine
To live and to breathe
But you take it and leave a wound in me
There was a time
You would have killed to be mine
Now sorrow leaves me behind
All the laughter has turned to stone
Laughter has turned to stone inside
Laughter has turned to stone inside


Crushed by the deed
Now words are all I believe
Only truth can comfort and heal
’Cause your love put a wound
A wound in me
Bringing me down so senselessly
Stone in your eyes
How very thinly disguised
How you murder our truth with your lies
But truth it was always home
Yes, truth it would always lead us home
Lead us home


Брюно Куле

La Barque / Брюно Куле

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