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When I'm Gone

Another question
Hangs in midair.
There's an answer,
I know it's out there.

Will anyone be aware
When confetti falls on my empty chair?
Like a one, two punch,
A surprise attack come at dawn.

Will they miss me when I'm gone?

The search seems necessary.
A final play,
A desperate hail mary.

There's so many things that I may have missed.
I hope the answer is as simple as this.
Will my friends be brave
'Till someone plays my favorite song?

Will they miss me when I'm gone?

Take a minute from their lives one by one,
And remember everything I had done?
And everything I'd been?
Or will the world just spin on and on?

Will they miss me when I'm gone?

Брайан Вандер Арк

When I'm Gone / Брайан Вандер Арк

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