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I Ain't Laughing

How are you doing, Miss Elizabeth, say
Do you still fill up your nights and days?
Are you still as hard to understand?
Have you gone and found yourself another man?
Well I ain't laughing
I ain't laughing

Well you sure gave my poor heart a knock
And I've only just gotten over the shock
Short and sweet was the whole affair
There's a lot I'd like to say, but I really don't dare
But I ain't laughing
I ain't laughing

You were the fairest one of all
And it's hard for me not to give you a call
I ain't bitter, but I'm feeling blue
When all I can think of is to say to you
I ain't laughing
I ain't laughing

Hello, goodbye, Miss Elizabeth, I pray
You'll find what you're looking for today

Manfred Mann

I Ain't Laughing / Manfred Mann

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