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Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл Брэдли Джеймс НоуэллАмериканский музыкант, солист и гитарист калифорнийской группы 'Sublime'

Waiting For My Ruca

'punk rock changed our lives' (dog barking)good boy, good boy, good boy

On the East side,
that's where I met my Ramona,
'I wanna go to a party,'
that's what she said,
'Lonely, that's what i've been,
here's my telephone number call me'

and to a party, a house party,
whole loop a people just rally 'round me
and love, she send a message of love

she said
'I love up the way you move, I love the way you rap'
(bo, bo)

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

Waiting For My Ruca / Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

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