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Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл Брэдли Джеймс НоуэллАмериканский музыкант, солист и гитарист калифорнийской группы 'Sublime'

Get Out

'It's 8:05, this is Phillis in the office. The cat is out on the patio. If this happens 1 more time, your butts are in the street. I am sick and tired of your activities, and your cat, and your untruths with me. I'm going to call you tomorrow, when your home, and you better explain a lot of things to me because I'm sick and tired of your bull-shit. Good night.'
My place, is not a home.
It don't make no difference, but I have found
that I need a place to stay
I never listen what the landlord man say

You should have seen all the flops in my house
They was jumping on walls and kicking ceilings
Nowadays people listen to me,
when I say...'GET OUT!'

Hold me, and don't let go
it don't make no difference that your a ho
Because I need a place to stay
although disease was just the price I paid

In days of old thats how it used to be, oh yes indeed.
That girl is dead to me now, and I sing...'GET OUT!'


lemme bust a freestlye then (NWA)
fuck you man (Scarface)
I gotta bone to pick (Geto Boys)

So sit, don't trip,
Im cuttin hits like Bert Susanka's got the shrimp dip.
I get it, get it, get it, get it, all the time
the people want to know the meaning of the word Sublime,
it's anarchist, man it's the shit you missed,
we get the minute man loops and add a PEN1 twist,

cuz we know you love the pit ,
but this is the shit, that you put in the box And say damn it's a hit,
and to all the radios and the tv shows
cause we don't kiss no ass or kick down free shows,
what you get is the kind, no gank, no cess,
when yellow lover on the d-r-u-m-s

Well let the lovin take a hold over me

Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

Get Out / Брэдли Джеймс Ноуэлл

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