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I don't know when it got this way
I don't know how long she's gonna stay
Every week it's the same in her room
That's why I came

Here I go, here I go again
Our rendezvous never seem to end
I know where I'll be, I'll make this confession
Back in her bed for another goddamn session

I'll never learn
God knows I try
Keep coming back for session
And I don't know why
I'll never learn
I'll never see
Just tell me why these sessions got a hold on me

Some might say it's a fling
For all I know it don't mean a thing
Either way I can't complain
Ain't no strings
Guess I got it made

Here I go, I go again
Our renezvous never seem to end
I know where I'll be
I'll make this confession

Декстер Холланд

Session / Декстер Холланд

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