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Декстер Холланд Декстер ХолландАмериканский музыкант, вокалист и гитарист панк-рок-группы The Offspring

Original Prankster

You can do it!

Until the break of dawn
Life, Life, and I quote by the letter
Time, Time, Prozac can make it better
Noise, Noise, any kind will do
Can you feel it slip away, well it's all on you

Crime, crime, rockin' like Janet Reno
Time Time, 18 and life in Chino
Freud, Freud all along its true
Well you see the common day catches up to you yeah

Knock down the walls
Its alive in you
Knock down the place
You alone it's true
Knock down the walls
Its alive in you
Youre gonna keep your head up through it all
Youre gonna bust out ohh
Original Prankster
Break out yeah
Original yeah
Bust out ohh
Original Prankster
You'll never stop now, stop now
That's what the main men say

You can do it!

You know it smells like shit, goddamn
Tag team, the double header
Son of Sam fire always makes it better
Navigate with style and aplumb
Cos wherever you're at......

Lies lies says hes down at the Bahamas
Tries tries all you little hoochy mammas
No way, none of this is true
When you see it coming down when the joke's on you



Декстер Холланд

Original Prankster / Декстер Холланд

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