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Jennifer Lost The War

Jennifer lost the war today you'll find her burnt and raped
Through it all she must have wondered 'what have I done?'
But nobody really cares today the world's a busy place
Guess she really must've seen now
Really seen now
I guess we're all just soldiers
She was only 6 years old
Left to die by strangers
And if we're all just soldiers is it so wrong to be afraid?
Jennifer lost the war
Jeannie lost the war today there must be some mistake
They say it all the time and they said it then
Little Miss 15 55 her soul remains ungraved
She must have really seen now
Really seen now
Morality won't help her
All her sorrows left her
But the morning headlines even say that it's a shame
What are we headin' for
Jennifer lost the war

Seen it all before

Декстер Холланд

Jennifer Lost The War / Декстер Холланд

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