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 Necrophagist NecrophagistНемецкая группа, играющая в стиле техничный дэт-метал

To Breathe In A Casket

Eyes opened up within the moist and dark
Trapped inside the measures of a coffin
Horrified awakening, blank fears embrace me

Oh... beyond...
...beyond these walls there lies infinity...

Asphyxiation is imminent due to the measures
Of this confinement,
Blind hits against the coffin walls,
Blank fears control me

To breathe in a casket - six feet below
To breathe in a casket - below

Buried deep beneath the earth
Beneath the earth
Blank fears embrace me
Embrace me

Buried deep six feet below
Six feet below
Blank fears control me
Control me


To Breathe In A Casket / Necrophagist

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