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 Necrophagist NecrophagistНемецкая группа, играющая в стиле техничный дэт-метал

Foul Body Autopsy

Snorting - the viley stench of putrescence
Coffin - lies exhumed in front of me
Foul stiff - strewn with papillae and pores
Fermenting - stiff corpse putrefies

Slicing, bisecting, incising the stiff

Stomach wall is opening
Primitive diagnosis...
Remove internal organs
Primitive autopsy...

Sawing - the weak head of the corpse I saw
Slicing - celebral bisection
Eviscerate - slushy bowels ripped out at once
Perfecting - foul body autopsy


Foul Body Autopsy / Necrophagist

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