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Slip Sliding

I'm sliding, sliding all around
I'm slipping, slipping on the ground
I'm gliding, make a figure eight
I'm sliding, isn't this great
We're slipping and sliding
All over the warehouse now

Well, I'm slipping and a-sliding
With my Scribble Sticks out
One leg goes north
And the other one south
Well I'm sliding side to side
Trying to get those socks
Red, blue, yellow, put 'em in a box
We're bound for the floor
We're balanced no more
Trust us 'cause we've fallen before

Well my feet are movin' fast,
I ain't gettin' nowhere
I'm like a middle Mover cyclone
Spinning in the air
Try walking, try running

But I still fall flat
Things are scattered
And they're falling from my hat
Our shoes don't grip
They go slippy, slippy slide
3-2-1, it's time to glide


Hey there Scott don't cha hit that wall
Look out Rich, don't cha slip and fall
Smitty watch out, there goes the Mouse
Dave you made it slippery in this warehouse, hey

Hey everybody, won't cha give us a hand
We're a slipping sliding, super gliding
Rock 'n roll band


Imagination Movers

Slip Sliding / Imagination Movers

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