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J'envoie valser

I can see that they are given to each other, hang jewelry on the neck
It's beautiful, but still
This is only a stones, boulders, that is

Stones that you roll, roll
And that flow
On your cheeks
I no longer want you to love me
Without spending money

I laugh at them
I send away
Fake tricks
Gilded cage
You, when you hold me tight
It's like a treasure
And it
This is worth gold

I can see how they throw each other views
And flowers
As then they leave each other
Where to now
Between true and false literally, between roses and cabbage
I know so many people who would have done better, a little loving each other
A little bit like us,
Strongly love each other

And send
Rings and
In necklaces
Therefore that when we love each other very much
It's like a treasure
And it
And it's worth gold

I am forever
Send away
Proof of love
If you hug me so much
Here it is, my treasure
And you
You're worth gold


J'envoie valser / Зази

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