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There's Still Time

If you know, just what you're doing
Sorry I couldn't get you through this
You want to know if this could work out somehow
(I could care less about you now)
In too deep, but only friends
She said I'd steal her heart again
She wants to know if it's alright
If she were here with me tonight

There's still time to know just what you're missing
You're not that convincing now
Tell me how it felt
When your boyfriend's wondering
Just what you're doing with me
You wouldn't have the guts to kiss me now
Tell me how it felt
When your boyfriend's wondering where you are

Another night, what's ahead, passed out face down on my bed
Without you
She calls but I ignore the phone
It's true I'd rather be alone

You turn around, but never leave
You always come back to me
Every other night, left alone in your room

Where you gonna go
'Cause I know you're not that innocent now
How you gonna know
If he was right from the start
You can't get over this, I know you've been thinking
I can handle it

The Friday Night Boys

There's Still Time / The Friday Night Boys

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