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You'll Do

[VERSE 1 Stephen + (Courtney):]
I've been drinking here since 5, it's 2AM and
Everybody's gone
The bar man's cleaning up, the jukebox off and all the
Lights are on
(I look up from my PBR, and see your desperate stare)
(Well, you're a drunk and I've got low esteem, we make
A perfect pair)

[CHORUS 1 {Both} + Stephen:]
{And we can read each other's minds}
{Tonight we're the best that we could find}
There's no one left but you - {I guess you'll do}
{I guess you'll do}

[VERSE 2 (Courtney) + Stephen:]
(You're not the kind of guy I would ever tell me
Friends about)
I smell like Taco Bell, you'll probably get sick when
We make out
(And I bet you've never been with someone quite my
Yeah, but your face not so bad, if I kinda squint my

[CHORUS 2 {Both} + Stephen:]
{And even though you're gonna laugh}
{For the minute a half} that I'm inside of you
{I guess you'll do}
{I guess you'll do}

[BRIDGE {Both} + Stephen + (Courtney):]
{We wear our desperation well} walking into this motel
{A scent of sadness fills the room} along with your
Cheap perfume
(... And Taco Bell)
{And Taco Bell}

[CHORUS 2 {Both} + Stephen:]
{And I don't mean to be unkind}
{But baby, even you don't mind} an STD or two
{I guess you'll do}
{I guess you'll do}
I guess you'll do

Стивен Линч

You'll Do / Стивен Линч

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