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Happy Birthday (For Yesterday)

Did you skate figure eight
On the ice in Central Park?
Did you throw balls of snow
At your friends until dark?

I guess I wanted to say...

I first called you when I woke up
I think it was almost eight
But I probably just missed you
I must have been too late

Called back that night at seven-thirty
Then I waited up till ten
In the dark in my pajamas
As the phone rang out again

Did the host raise a toast
To the day your life began?
Did someone bake your favourite cake
With your name in marzipan?

I just called to say
Happy birthday for...

I couldn't help but think of last year
When it was just us two
But I'm sure you can celebrate
Without the help of you-know-who

And if all the gang were with you
It must have been a gas
Didn't want you to think that
I forgot, I kid you not

Now, did you go to a show
And sentimentally keep the stub?
Did you give hugs from the drugs
That you bought in a night club?

I just called to say
Happy birthday
For yesterday

Даррен Хэнлон

Happy Birthday (For Yesterday) / Даррен Хэнлон

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