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Don't Bogart My Heart

Car wheels, high heels
I like how it feels out at night in the city

The wonder that your face is
could really take you places
you never thought possible
so why lie awake a-listening for my key?

I know you have your friends keep tabs whenever we're apart
You can shower in my money but don't Bogart my heart

Eye spy wandering eye
And you're looking my way
Something starting with the letter 'J'

Some yield, play the field
Invite trouble home but time is something we don't own
When each day we're drifting closer to the sun

I look behind my door to find my photo hacked apart
You can Brando my belongings but don't Bogart my heart

So just up and down and hop round if it makes you feel good
Our love needs to breath
You need to leave it be for it to start
Tattoo your name on my shoulder
But don't Bogart my heart

Даррен Хэнлон

Don't Bogart My Heart / Даррен Хэнлон

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