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Грейс Джонс Грейс ДжонсМанекенщица, киноактриса, певица и любительница утонченного кича

Walking in The Rain

Walking down the street,
Kicking cans,
Looking at the billboards,
(? )
Summing up the people,
Checking out the race,
Doing what I'm doing,
Feeling out of place,

Walking, walking,
In the rain.

Feeling like a woman,
Looking like a man,
Sounding like a no-no,
Mating when I can,
Whistling in the darkness,
Shining in the night,
Coming to conclusions,
Right is night is tight,

Walking, walking,
In the rain.

Come in all you jesters,
Enter all you fools,
Sit down no-no's,
Vulgar fools,
Trip the light fantastic,
Dance the swivel hips,
Coming to conclusions,
Button up your lips,

Walking, walking,
In the rain.

Грейс Джонс

Walking in The Rain / Грейс Джонс

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