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Фрэнк Синатра Фрэнк СинатраАмериканский актёр, певец (крунер) и шоумэн

I See It Now

Writer(s): wilder/engvick

That year in oakland high
When I was seventeen
The grass from there to san jose
Was high and cool and green
I see it now

Too brash and young was i
To know what time could mean
The old acacia lawn cut down
Was felt but never seen
I see it now

That world I knew is lost to me
Loves have come and gone

The years go racing by
I live as best I can
And all at once I know it means the making of a man
I see it now

I see it now
I see it now

Фрэнк Синатра

I See It Now / Фрэнк Синатра

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