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Соланж Ноулз Соланж НоулзАмериканская актриса, R&B и поп-исполнительница, продюсер, модель, танцовщица. Младшая сестра певицы Бейонсе Ноулз.

Ain't No Way

[Verse 1]
Boy I know that you feeling things
Calling me constantly
Talking bout you and me
Well even though you never told me
That I was the only one so I did my thang, oh

You see me hanging with my girlies
Hollars at the fellows maybe
But you can't be mad at me
So there ain't no need to trip no
Cause I ain't never been your girlfriend
Don't be all up on me baby no way
Gonna do my own thang
Putting that on everything
Don't play me like your girlfriend
Baby no way

Did you think I would be waiting around
That's not how I get down
Someone should have told you
And even though it hasn't been a while
Someone else makes me smile
And it feels so good, yeah



Don't you act like you own me
Don't you try to control me
Cause, baby there ain't no way I'm going for that, no
And if you chill you can call me
But for now stay up off me
Cause, baby there ain't no way I'm going for that, no

Соланж Ноулз

Ain't No Way / Соланж Ноулз

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