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Lake A Hurricane

Heya Нey Come to me,
Heya Нey, Run to me,
Heya Нey, Sweep me off my feet again.
Heya hey Come to me,
Heya hey, Come to me
Heya hey, Run to me,
Heya hey, Lift me up like a hurricane

Let our feet move to the music
Let our hearts sing to every beat,
Watch as our bodies glisten in the heat.

Come to me. Run to me

Sweep me off my feet again
Heya Hey, Heya hey,

Lift me up like a hurricane
Heya Hey, Heya hey.

I wish upon a shooting star,
і want you to stay in my armis,
And shelter me when it starts to rain,
You'temy rock, you'ie my Mountain.


I'm not too pioud to say. I iH.vd you in every way
Oh baby can`t you see. I've t.illftn to my knees.
Cause life`s too short to hide, your feeling deep inside,
One tinny you need to know. I'm never letting you go!!!


Lake A Hurricane / Руслана

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