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Wild Age

Warren Zevon)

You've seen him leaning on the streetlight

Listening to some song inside

You've seen him standing by the highway

Trying to hitch a ride

Well, they tried so hard to hold him

Heaven knows how hard they tried

But he's made up his mind

He's the restless kind

He's the wild age

He's the wild age

He's the wild age

Wild age

It's the wild age

And the law can't stop 'em

No one can stop 'em

At the wild age

Mostly when the reckless years end

Something's left to save

Some of them keep running

'Til they run straight in their graves

To stay the wild age

Stay the wild age

Stay the wild age

Wild age

Уоррен Уильям Зивон

Wild Age / Уоррен Уильям Зивон

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