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Finishing Touches

Warren Zevon)

I'm getting tired of you

You're getting tired of me

And it's the final act

Of our little tragedy

So don't feign indignation

It's a fait accompli


You can screw everybody I've ever known

But I still won't talk to you on the phone

It's a hopeless cause-there's no use crying

And I can die, yu can die,

We can die trying

Thanks anyway, no use hangin' around

You try to put the finishing touches on me

You say it's all my fault

Who's keeping score?

Some people llike to be punished

They keep coming back for more

But I'm sick and tired

And my cock is sore



Уоррен Уильям Зивон

Finishing Touches / Уоррен Уильям Зивон

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