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 T. Rex T. RexАнглийская глэм-рок-группа

One Inch Rock

Met a woman she's spouting prose

She's got luggage eyes and a roman nose

Her body is slung from side to side

Need a lift she said much obliged

I'm riding piggy-back

Then I came to her shack

We go inside the place it's a mess

She said my name's the liquid poetess

She unties her mouth

And her buckskin dress

She drinks from a bottle

labelled tenderness

I'm in one hand in the other's a can

She puts me in the can

And smiles through the wall

I got the horror's cos I'm one inch tall

Next thing I know's a girl by my side

Dressed in a bayleaf she's trying to hide

I asked her name she said Germaine

Do the rock do the one inch rock.

T. Rex

One Inch Rock / T. Rex

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