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Scenescof Dynasty

Meeting behind the iron sling

My brandy tongue was like a caterpillar thing

Suzy-hung up on Joan of Arc

Cloudily gave me the key to the dark

Scraping the lice from my bed

I sussed we were teleported into his head

A wormy blood train expected our feet

But I cradled Suzy's head in my lap

And fitted the stair to her gap

And led her off the Astral plane

Sculpting her features in flesh

Her Alice eyes scan the mythical scene

And rose on the veiny snake train

And prayed to his bastille sky brain

The driver was a cancer growth cell

His words were just recorded tapes of Hell

He left us in the room of faded scrolls

In a window wall we saw a good thought chained

But knifed into a portion of his brain

Was a whitish through back to the green Amazon leach

It was interlocked between his angel eyes

Which were bleached transparent

And his marble lips were paralysed

We swum and ran knee deep in plasma

The cello stairs reduced in size

The sunken landscape eclipsing into

A pair of blue Tazmanian eyes

Scenescof then became a midget

Scratching at the bone in my knee

Then an eat without a body

Listening to my mental sea

Suzy sat behind some loose flesh

Her pirate thoughts were both young and old

Reduced to wearing blonde lot earings

She held me near she felt the cold

We ran just like young fauns

And me I fought a great worm

Sent to taste my jaguar feet

And used his skin to make my wings begin

I sussed and stole a scene from Icarus

And flew us above some uncooked meat

A plastic hook pierced through my Instep

I flew too near his Brutus heart

But Suzy hip to all the future

Played the Victorian heroin's part

With my basted leg and rusty head

And Suzy in a Hipolite d

T. Rex

Scenescof Dynasty / T. Rex

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