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  T. Rex T. RexАнглийская глэм-рок-группа

Mambo Sun

Beneath the bebop moon

I want to croon with you

Beneath the Mambo Sun

I got to be the one with you

My life's a shadowless horse

If I can't get across to you

In the alligator rain

My heart's all pain for you

Girl you're good

And I've got wild knees for you

On a mountain range

I'm Dr. Strange for you

Upon a savage lake

Make no mistake I love you

I got a powder-keg leg

And my wig's all pooped for you

With my heart in my hand

I'm a hungry man for you

I got stars in my beard

And I feel real weird for you

Beneath the bebop moon

I'm howling like a loon for you

Beneath the mumbo sun

I've got to be the one for you

T. Rex

Mambo Sun / T. Rex

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