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Still A G Thing

Yeah yeah yeah I'm fin up in the corner in my

lowrider dogg. Ya heard me?

*Top dollar with the gold flea collar

dippin' in my blue Impala [DPG]*

*Repeats throughout intro*

[Yeah it's still a G thang]

It's time for all the lowriders out there

yeah all the dippers you like to get ya dip on

hit a switch or two, bang a corna' sittin' on threes

yeah right trip...

It's like 4 & to the 5 & to the 6 & to the 7

I once was told that all doggs go to Heaven

Well how ya been where ya been & what it look like?

My game trump tight especially when it bump like

four DPG's gettin' crazy

& No Limit is the label that pays me!

Ridin' 'round town layin' game down like Goldie

& I remember what my momma showed me

told me game recognize game

& stay true to what ya do & don't be ashamed

I got all my game from her sometimes I have to wonder

how I keep from goin' under I'm a cold muthafucka

I fall to my knees & thank God before I do my thang

I don't know why, I love to gangbang

See life ain't nuthin' but a twist anyway bitch anyway

you can say what you wanna say

Just don't get in my way 'cause I'm a mean old

Fiend know C know & P know see loc

We make music for the thugs and the bangers

and the bitches. Fuck you R&B singers

She want a nigga with his khackies hangin' real low

in a black rag Sixty-four hmm

Rollin' down the street lookin' way clean

bangin' that real shit nigga like Al Green

I'm headed straight to the LB

forget it that's what they tell me

Sell me everythang except some bullshit

and when it's time for the gunfight nigga pull quick

Cause ain't nothin' butter but us

and nigga you'll get wet up for fuckin' with my cheddar

It's cold outside nigga grab ya sweater

and that bad bitch you fuckin' with

nigga she get ya set up

Boy you done put all ya trust in that hoe

didn't ya see what happened to the President niggaro

livin' in a tight house big as the White House

You fucked around & stuck ya dick

in that white bitch mouth

What you talkin' 'bout? Fool I'm dirty like the South

and to be real I feel that's how I'm comin' out

Back on the hoe stroll highway pimp patrol

put ya cuffs on ya girl nigga let her off parole

Man nigga way cold with his game

What's his muthafuckin' name? Who me?

I'm the capital S I don't fuck with stress

N double O-P D-O muthafuckin double G

Coldest entertainer gangbanger since Alphonz Capone

Count money like Basie police try to chase me

Niggas try to replace me but you can't

I'm ridin' in a tank I'm blowin' hella dank

So whether ridin' in ya lo-lo or smokin' on some doe doe

spread the word and take the fo' door

The Last Don done hooked up with the muthafuckin'

King of the coast with the most here's a toast

and Snoop Dogg is the representer

through the niggas & G's through the LBC's

and the Calio projects Brooklyn to Queens

Chi-town woe now the Dogg Pound in the house

everytime we touch down right next to my hometown

D-town [Detroit] Eastside St. Louie [St Louie]

Spokane get ya money man tic-tock

Little Rock right next to Houston, Texas

home of Rap-A-Lot we like to jack a lot

gimme what ya got let me get that up out ya nigga

I got ya somethin' for the summertime while it's hot

and got the bitches posted up in the parkin' lot

and guess what she want the

nigga with the biggest nuts [Who dat?]

A nigga who don't give a fuck

Ya see niggas like me all we see is

money, power moves, and a bitch a week

And last but not least my nigga *B-O-Z*

much love from the N.O. my nigga Feel me?

and my little cousin D-A-Z forever nigga

this DPGC and oh yeah Dr. D-R-E

you know where I'm at nigga holla at me

get at me holla at me nigga holla at a dogg that's real

y'all niggas know what's happenin'

It's still a [DPG] thang

It's still a G thang

*Top dollar with the gold flea collar

dippin' in my blue Impala [DPG]*

*Repeats 'til end with adlibs*

Снуп Догг

Still A G Thing / Снуп Догг

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