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Ар Келли Ар КеллиУспешный музыкант 1990-х, работавший в стиле ритм-энд-блюз.

Green Light (Feat. Beanie Sigel)


who da fuck stop us niggaz, it's gangsta niggaz

it's gangsta! woo! it's gangsta niggaz!

all g-g-gangsta nigga, uhh!

[R] green light- go go, go-go-go, go

[R] go go, go-go-go, go

[J] you got the green light to drag your motherfuckin mink

[R] green light- go, go, go-go-go, go

[J] throw your pinkie ring high in the motherfuckin air

[R] go go, go-go-go, go

[J] drop your top, c'mon!

[R. kelly Jay-z]

now i done told y'all niggaz once before

y'all don't know who you fuckin wit

y'all gon' fuck aorund and make me come up out this music biz

(don't make me...)

this just a recors deal, ya'll motherfuckers been on some shit

bite my style, tryin to get rich, so i decided to flip my shit

bene-fit me like a tight outfit, like Mr.Biggs' about to have a fit

it's, a, bout, to, be, some, shit (please believe it)

see vin-dawg, and dre-shal, got a nigga real open ya'll

i see haters peepin me, lookin hard like a pu-ssy

same fight, different round; same circus different clown

same pussy dofferent town; assholes hoe you like me now?

kel' and jigga, the best of both niggaz

put two heads together, mean mo' figures (ha)

word to tigger, put me off up in the

Ар Келли

Green Light (Feat. Beanie Sigel) / Ар Келли

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