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Ар Келли Ар КеллиУспешный музыкант 1990-х, работавший в стиле ритм-энд-блюз.

Heart Of A Women

Heart of a Woman

This song is dedicated to all of the ladies

From all of the men, ya know what I mean?

Simply because yall go through so much

And we want you to know that we recognise that

There are

So many answers to the question what yall do for us

And so many reasons for the word why we love on yall

For instance how you just take us and lift us up

Give us chance after chance and we still find a way to F things up

And sometimes yall go and blame yourself for the things we do

Cuz you love us so much our lies become the truth

Yall try so, so hard to make things work

Findin a way to smile just to keep from showin youre hurtin

Its (your mind versus) its (your heart versus)

Its (your soul versus) your (your body)

Versus (our bullshit) and (our egos) and (our pride)

Thats why

(Thats why I love the word woman)

(Oh I love I love)

Yall are so tough, yall put up with so much

(Thats why I love the word woman)

(Oh I love I love)

And yall so full of trust, and besides yall know us

(Thats why I love the word woman) yes sir

Time and time again yall let us back in

Man I love yall so much I gotta spell it out


Thats what its all about yeah

Sometimes I think that were the reason

Why yall be stressin out and smokin cigarettes

Mmm yes I do

And sometimes I think were the reasons yall be snappin off on your kids

And havin fits

Somebody feel me

Ladies when its that time of the month and yall really dont feel like being bothered

And sometimes we take your hearts for granted

I know yall gotta ask your selves sometimes why do I even put up with it

Its (your mind versus) its your (your heart versus)

Its your (your soul versus) its your (your body)

Versus our

Ар Келли

Heart Of A Women / Ар Келли

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