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Scents And Subtle Sounds

If you would only start to live one moment at a time,

You would, I think, be startled by the things that you would find.

Like scents you never noticed, and many subtle sounds

Like colors in the landscape and textures on the town

Then the winds would lift you up into the sky above.

Where you'd be treated to a view of everything you love.

(Everything you love. Everything you love.)

And if the moment passes, you should try it once again

For if you do it right you'll find the moment never ends.

If you would stop and notice that we number every day

But allow the many moments left uncounted slip away

You dont have to count them, just enjoy them one by one

And things would take a different hue and sparkle in the sun

The winds would lift you up into the sky.

The winds would lift you up into the sky above

Where you would see a trail of treasure, memories you love

A rainbow record of the thoughts and moments you've enjoyed

Arcs behind the Earth as spectral colors in the void.


Scents And Subtle Sounds / Phish

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