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Squirming Coil

The Squirming Coil of sunset I keep within my reach

Tried yesterday to get away and hitchhiked to the beach

I saw Satan on the beach trying to catch a ray

He wasn't quite the speed of light and the squirming coil

It got away

The muscles flex the mother's ring, she fastens children to her king

And sends him down the crooked street, when he returns, the birth's complete

Jimmy holds the Tannis root, the forest's tasty nectar shoot

The sun tips off the monarch's suit from sequined sash to shiny boot

"I'd like to lick the coil some day like Icarus, who had to pay

With melting wax and feathers brown, he tasted it on his way down"

Stun the puppy! Burn the whale! Bark a scruff and go to jail!

Forge the coin and lick the stamp! Little Jimmy's off to camp


Squirming Coil / Phish

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