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McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters

I've alternated my meager flock

To the shores of the Baltic Sea

The teeth of time have stowed the rhyme

Of how things should be

My cave, my house, my turning wheel

My little docking pup

The march of Colonel Forbin

And his fleet hound called McGrupp

The grime of countless workdogs

Has collected in my sink

I tie my nose with spandex hose

Before I get a drink

While on frozen warthogs

With its poison in our minds

The ferns that spot our children

Are encased in orange rinds

All times and seasons are the reasons

That people and their clans

Have stowed the Famous Mockingbird

With glue and rubber bands

They writhe and cry in agony

As Rutherford the Brave

Chokes Tela and the Unit Monster

Managing to save

The spotted striper's multi-beast

And there by cheat his grave

I'd like to get his autograph

But he looks too much like Dave


McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters / Phish

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