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Family Picture

It's really plain and easy to see

The family grows like a fungus on a tree

The fungus keeps growing wide and tall

We're happy while we flourish

And sad when we fall

We're just a bunch of monkeys

That gather around

And you can not draw the line of

Family ground

Smile for the camera

Wait for the flash

There's always room for more

In this family bash

Would you like to be

Would you like to be

Would you like to be in my family picture?

It's getting hard to tell who we love and hate

I think it's time we set the record straight

There are no papers that we ask you to sign

You don't need to stand in a waiting line

The lens is in focus

We're ready to go

The joint'll be jumpin' come rain or snow

So hold onto your honey

And drink up your booze

Just hop into the picture

You've got nothing to lose


Family Picture / Phish

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