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Axilla Part Two

Summer sitting out by the pool

A ray of sunshine getting in my way

Close your eyes and wish that it were cool


And I wish it could be back the other way

But what's dissolved ain't coming back today

Close your eyes and wish that it were

Close your eyes and wish that it were

Axilla axilla axilla axilla

Never understood what my body was for

That's why I always leave it layin out on the floor

The shape a curiosity

Where different faces fit before

And tracing my image in the sand

To pass the time from slip to fall

The line I trace begins to weave

A tangled web from wall to wall


Swinging on the lifeline, fraying bits of twine

Entangled in the remnants of the knot I left behind

And asking you to help me make it finally unwind

But God never listens to what I say

God never listens to what I say

And you don't get a refund if you overpray

And when the line is breaking and when I'm near the end

When all the time spent leading I've been following instead

When all my thoughts and memories are left hanging by a thread

repeat chorus

Stranded on this slender string

The minutes seem to last a lifetime

Dangling here between the light above

And blue below that drags me down

repeat chorus


Axilla Part Two / Phish

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