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Дэйв Наварро Дэйв Наварроамериканский рок музыкант, талантливый гитарист

Slow Motion Sickness

Continued the waiting

Tearing at the wing

I lost a friend

A terrible plaything

Broken on a swing

I lost a friend

Kept boxes of old days

When you were afraid

Alone and nothing

Thought I had something

To ease the pain of hurting you

I just can't take this

Although I've made this

The evening that I'm moving through

Forever to find you

Severing the new

I lost a friend

I wanted to wake you

Someone that I knew

Don't even know you

Can I go with you?

Can't say I need anything

Love this depression

Another session

There's nothing more that I can bring

I am writing this down

I have never lived before

Slow motion sickness

Why should I fix this?

Shaken by the sight of me

The painted babies

And run late ladies

Brought out a different side of me

I am writing this down

I have never lived before

Sometimes I don't feel so good

Дэйв Наварро

Slow Motion Sickness / Дэйв Наварро

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