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All That I Can Say (Remix)(feat. Rah Digga


Ooh, ooh

[Rah Digga]

Uh, uh, uh The Rah D-I-G

Here to rap on behalf

All the females headed down the wrong path

Things gonna change when we hit the set

Put an end to the pain and the disrespect

My Flipmode brother gonna switch his pitch

Like we ain't supposed to know when he talking to a chick

Too fly for that to even make that an issue

Take little chicken head baby moms with you


Loving you is what I thought

In my mind was a miracle

But times have changed and you have changed with them too

How foolish of me

To think that you would be

Someone that I can hold on to

Something in my mind

Was warning me all the time

That you were no angel and neither was I

I tried and tried and tried

To bring peace into our lives

But you continued to flip and try to take control of my life and I

[1 - Mary (Rah Digga)]

I don't know

Where we went wrong

All that I can say

He never loved me anyway

(He didn't love you, he didn't love you, come on)


I had been with you

Through everything that you've been through

But it hurts me to my heart that you don't realize

That I've only stayed around, not to cry tears of a clown

But to someday end up being your wife but you lie

Liar, cheater, deceiver and a woman beater

About to give up

Because you want me to sell it short

Boyfriend, little boy

I've been played like a toy

Wondering in your heart

To give someone else a brand new start

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

[Rah Digga]

How ill is this?

Playing games with my mental

All them other heartbreaker dealers I've done went through

I'm just too fly for that

Now all the ladies say, I'm just too fly for that

And now don't be surprised

Catching you in all kinds of lies

If a honey come flip, start chasing you with knives

You gonna feel the wrath that's word is bond

Cause ain't nothing worse than a ghetto chick scorned

[Repeat 1 till end]

Мэри Блайдж

All That I Can Say (Remix)(feat. Rah Digga / Мэри Блайдж

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