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A Real Lover

featuring Foxy Brown


ohhhhh ohh

i need a ohhh real lover


uhh yah da na na

keep in live in the nine nine

(hook Mary J. Blige)

ohhhh real lover i'm searchin' for a real lover

someone made my heart scream a real lover

i i'm searchin for a real lover

(verse 1 Mary J. Blige) (singing)

the man of my dreams

ohhh the one that i need

the fantsy things he brings me

i know that i need him

my chances are i gotta win

whats it gonna be

hes the real lover that i need


(verse 2-Foxy Brown/(Mary J. Blige)

uhh you know da na na gots her man

buys me gucci and armani

at night puts his arms around me

how you like mad cream

fox brown nigga had this rap game as a dream

uh, i'm a real lady so i want a real lover

(ohhhhh real lover)

someone to score with under the cover tall like my brother and longer

then any other

a real lover makes me scream

(foxy tell em what you mean)

he charges me clothes stears clear away from hoes

and he knowz if he cheats then his butt is dead meet

(dead meat)

out on the streets cause foxy knows what she needs

so bring it to me


(bridge mary j. blige)

that real lover the one that i need

come here and bring it to me

ohhhhhhhhh a real



uhh mary j. the ill na na lock it down

real lover baby brooklyn bridge to queen'z

uh foxy and mary c'mon baby ill na na to death

(mary j. blige)

a real lover (lover, lover, lover, lover

Мэри Блайдж

A Real Lover / Мэри Блайдж

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