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Пэтти Лавлесс Пэтти ЛавлессАмериканская исполнительница в стиле кантри

The Key Of Love

This ain't up tempo, this ain't no positive

This ain't no music meant for jumping up and down

This is a sad song, more than three minutes long

It took a lifetime just to come this far

This thing is serious, we're in a big mess

We're at the junction of forever and goodbye

If this is where we're going

Well, hello, honey, here we are

Are you gonna leave or do I have to stay

All wound up tight with this tension and anxiety

Can't take one minute more, what am I in this for

It's like I love you and I hate you at the same time

I think this jig is up, I think I've had enough

I think I'm running outta reasons not to let you go

I've faced the music

It's over for the rhythm and the rhyme


Baby, this is a hook, last line and sinker

A moldy oldie on the radio you remember but it's over and done

It's the end of the dance, let's take it out with a new song

A little thing called the blues in the key of love

No place left to go when the good is gone

One line away from a brand new song


Пэтти Лавлесс

The Key Of Love / Пэтти Лавлесс

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